Oscho Deal and his son Eric are the 5th and 6th generations to call the farm in China Grove, NC home.  Each year we sell a limited number of quality bulls through a private treaty bull sale. If you would like to receive information about the sale or be added to the sale list, please contact info@cirlcedbeef.com. 

41Z - Hoover Dam
6Z Hoover Dam16Z Predestined

The Deal family has lived and farmed the rolling hills on Saw Rd. outside China Grove, NC since 1842. Six generations have depended on the land and its resources for their means of living and have gained an inborn fondness of Mother Nature and the power of her resources. The farming activities have been diverse over the years and related directly to the times that they represented. In the early 1900’s, the farm hosted a sawmill and brick making business. Growing sweet potatoes and other vegetable crops along with the traditional farm crops of corn and wheat were the highlights during the 40’s and 50’s. Raising hogs for breeding stock and actually processing meat into sausage, salt cured country ham, and livermush put Circle “D” Farms on the map for the general public that wanted local farm raised pork during the 60’s and 70’s.

The cattle business has been part of the Deal’s operation since the beginning of the farm. We’ve raised a variety of breeds over the years ranging from bottle fed Holstein steers to Herefords. Since the 1980’s our farm has primarily raised Purebred Gelbvieh cattle. In the last 5 years, our breeding program has focused on breeding Angus bulls to our Gelbvieh cows to produce a crossbred offspring. We feel these two breeds provide a high quality product and a manageable animal from a feeding and care standpoint.

Good breeding stock, the environment and what the cows eat are the focus points of producing Circle “D” Beef. All animals are bred, born and grown on our farm. This helps develops a low stress environment since our cattle are never transported thousands of miles or mingled with cattle from other places. Our cattle know one place and one place only….the pastures on Saw Road. We raise what we feed to our cattle. We make our own hay and make our own feed from the barley that we grow and harvest on the farm. All of the daily care is performed by only family members…Oscho (the daddy), Eric (the son), and/or Sheri (the daughter-in-law). We can always guarantee that our cattle get the very best and want for nothing.