Our family guarantees:
  • Beef that is bred for excellent meat quality
  • Raised only in our pastures
  • No added hormones
  • Openly share information of how our beef is raised



      Circle D Beef

      Grass Fed, Family Raised

      Cows on the farm Circle D Farmhouse and cows

      Circle D Beef

      Grass Fed, Family Raised

      350 Saw Rd.
      China Grove, NC 28023
      Phone: 704.298.4181



      Circle D Beef
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      Family tradition is the foundation for Circle D Beef, LLC.  Oscho Deal and his son Eric are the 5th and 6th generations to call the farm in China Grove, NC home.  Beef animals and grain crops grow and flourish as the Deal’s strive to adopt the best management practices that conserve the environment and take advantage of the latest technologies in agriculture.  Our animals are bred, born and live their entire life on our farm until they are sent to a USDA inspected facility to be processed.  They live in a low stress environment which involves grazing grass and eating a barley grain ration that we grow here on the farm.

      Families can now enjoy the beef our family has enjoyed for years.  We offer health conscious consumers beef in what we call the “Family Share Box.  The Circle “D” Family Share” is an equally divided, 40-50lb portion of what one of our animals produce.  Each time an animal is processed, our family divides 8 popular cuts of meat from the animal into a “share” for your family to enjoy.  The Deal Family has recently started offering two additional options for smaller families and those without additional freezer space. The "Grilling Pack" and "Slow Cooker Pack" are 8-10lb portions of beef and easily fit into any standard size freezer. This manageable portion of commonly consumed products allows anyone from a single person to a large family to enjoy beef raised locally and without any added hormones.

      Through careful selection of only the best animals, Circle D Beef crosses the ever-popular meat quality of the Angus breed to a German orgin breed called Gelbvieh.  The Gelbvieh genetics provide a fast growing heavily muscled animal that is taken care of by a superior mother cow.  We hope your family will choose to enjoy our locally grown, family raised beef.

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       Three generations of the Deal family

      From Left to Right:  Guy, Eric, Sherilee, Martha and Oscho Deal